PostHeaderIcon The Miracle of Sulfur As A Hair Supplement

If you have ever set your hair on fire and then smelled the aroma afterwards then you know that it smells a bit like sulfur. That is because the hair, nails and skin contain a lot of sulfur.A If you want to strengthen and beautify your hair then try taking a sulfur supplement.A It acts as a flexible bond in connecting hair cells and keeping the sheath of the hair smooth so it looks very shiny and sexy.A Hair that has a healthy bonding amount of sulphur in it is also stronger and has more tensile strength. If you pull a hair strand that has sulphur in it then it will stretch a bit before it actually snaps.

Sulfur has other benefits to the human body as well. It is used to detoxify the body and boost the immune system. It can also help defer all signs of aging and help resolve and prevent cases of arthritis. It is also valuable for cleaning up the blood and helping protect us against sulfur deficiencies.

Sulfur supplementation to improve your hair has always been a bit of a secret. That is because it is not really considered and essential mineral. However sulfur plays a big part in helping protein, biotin and B1 build your hair each and every day so it is strong and shiny. It is also an essential part of the chemical structure of several important amino acids in the body including cysteine, taurine and glutathione. All of these amino acids are needed to ensure the integrity of skin and hair.

Sulfur is usually found in protein foods such as eggs, garlic, lettuce and Brussels sprouts.A It is also found in horse radish, parsley, coconut, watermelon, mustard, onions and egg yolks.

Sulfur can be a hard supplement to find if you just want to take it as an individual pill. Mainly it is found in oral supplements that support the beauty of hair, skin and nails rather than sold separately.A It works most efficiently in your body when taken is conjunction with the B group of vitamins.

You might be deficient in sulfur if your hair is brittle, dry and breaks very easily and if you have wrinkles, dry skin, arthritis, back pain and muscle tension.

If you use sulfur keep it in a clean dry place. It is sensitive to heat and moisture.A You might end up buying it a methylsulfonylmethane or MSM which is also known as organic sulfur.A It is sometimes sold as a powder that you can add to your shampoo or conditioner to repair damaged hair and encourage new hair growth.

Sulphur is often added along with MSM to shampoos and conditioners to help repair the hair of Afro-American women who have had their hair damaged by too much heat or processing.

Make sure you get plenty of sulphur in a vitamin or beauty supplement if you use flat irons and curling irons regularly as it can help the hair resist breaking caused by the heating and drying of the hair strands.


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