PostHeaderIcon Are Liquid Hair Vitamins Better Than Pills?

If you are trying to grow long, strong and healthy hair then it is a good idea to take supplements. At the very least you should be taking A, C, E and all of the B vitamins on a regular regimen.A Vitamins act as antioxidants, help build the protein that hair is made of and make sure the circulatory system nourishes the hair follicles.A Of course anybody who is taking hair vitamins is going to start asking a couple of questions themselves such as, “what vitamins are good for hair growth?” and, “which type of vitamin is better:A liquid supplements or pills?”

The answer to the latter question might depend on what your definition of “better” happens to be. The best hair vitamin supplement for you is always going to be the type that helps you absorb the vitamins you need for that day. That is because many vitamins that are good for hair are water soluble and not stored in the fat cells of the body to use at a later date.

If you think it is a good idea to take liquid vitamins because you think you need to take more vitamins, then think again. This is not always a good thing. For instance, taking too much Vitamin A can actually lead to hair loss.

What this entire question of which is better, liquid vitamins or hair growth pills, boils down to is how well they are absorbed by your body. For instance if you are an alcoholic or a cigarette smoker or if you drink too much cola your liver may be compromised when it comes to properly absorbing all forms of vitamin B.A It does not matter if you take liquid Vitamin B, pills or capsules, your liver will simply reject the vitamin and excrete or store it elsewhere because it cannot handle it. You need to eliminate the bad habits and then experiment with how you feel or see results in the mirror before you can decide which form of vitamins is best utilized by your body.

The bottom line is that vitamins are food and that for some people liquid is easier to digest than pills. This might be true if you’re older simply because you may be lacking an enzyme that helps you digest pills. Also, x-rays and studies have shown that not all pills break down and get digested.A In fact some people swallow vitamins and then pass them whole when it is time to go to the bathroom.A Yet another risk of this is that an entire pill can somehow not get broken down and then get stuck in the colon.

The reason that solid vitamins are so hard to digest is that they have binding agents in them that are hard on some people’s bodies.A Liquid forms of hair vitamins may not necessarily have this problem.A Taking vitamin capsules instead of pills, in which the ingredients are suspended, may be a viable idea to enhance absorption as well.

There is absolutely no harm at all in trying the liquid form of vitamins but keep in mind that they do tend to be a little more expensive than hair vitamins sold in pill forms or capsules and this may be hard for the person who is on a budget.

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